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Clinical Reasoning Cycle: A brief overview

Clinical Reasoning cycle was developed by Levett-Jones to depict the various stages in patient care by nurses. It is a procedure adopted by professional nurses to collect and process the information so as to understand the current status of the patient, construct and implement appropriate medical interventions, calculate the outcomes and to analyze the whole process through critical thinking. 


 Students pursuing nursing has to write a sample clinical reasoning cycle case study as part of their assignments for which they can take nursing essay help from online. The typical clinical reasoning cycle has the multiple steps involved.


The steps involved:


Consider Patient Situation

Before making the decision nurses have to access the patient condition correctly. In this stage, they depict and list the patient's current condition and the cause of it.


Gather Cues and Information

It has three steps:

  • Review: The current information (handover reports) as well as patient history (history of diagnosis and medical assessments) is reviewed.
  • Gather: Any new information uncovered through assessment is noted.
  • Recall: Recall the education and knowledge about medical conditions.

Process information

The information gathered is processed through the following techniques:

  • Interpret: Analyzing the data to understand the symptoms.
  • Discriminate: Sort the relevant information from the irrelevant ones.
  • Relate : Discover new patterns to find relations between cues
  • Infer : Logically deduct the cues to find the cause and effects
  • Match: Match the current situation to past instances.
  • Predict: Predict the outcomes

Identify problems/issues

The information is synthesized to make a definitive and exact diagnosis of the ailment.


Establish goals

A desired outcome and the time frame to achieve it, is set.


Take Action

To achieve the goals, find and choose the best course of action among alternatives.



The efficacy of the implement course of actions is evaluated by checking the progress of the patient care.


Reflect on Process and new learning

The entire process from diagnosis to treatment is evaluated and contemplated to find how things can be made more efficient in future cases through the new learning.


Clinical reasoning is highly important in providing treatment to a patient and through the application of it new and better ways of patient care can be devised.

Top Jobs That You Can Bag in Australia as a Civil Engineer

Engineers who wish to migrate to Australia must submit a Competency Demonstration Report and the Engineers in Australia must approve it. Thus, engineering students look forward to getting CDR help which assists them to get a flawless CDR. This reduces the chances of rejection by the EA.


Today, most students and experienced civil engineers are looking forward to migrating to Australia as the scope of job is better and bigger, with a high pay scale. Therefore, getting CDR help is the only scope to gain entry into the country.


The CDR for Engineers Australia must be impressive and abide by the ANZSCO code and guidelines. It should also showcase the skills of the applicants as a suitable civil engineer to work according to the Australian rules and regulations.


The service providers who assist the students with CDR have experienced CDR report writers. These writers know the requirements of a CDR and do it accordingly.


Top jobs as civil engineers in Australia

Who does not like to live a comfortable life? Who does not like a secured job that will also provide other benefits? Every person wishes for these things.

Here is a look at a few jobs that civil engineers can do in Australia.


Senior Civil Engineers

The job role requires the engineers to plan, design and develop projects for the construction of bridges, highways, buildings and structures, etc. They would also manage the project as well. Any repairing work is also the responsibility of Senior Civil Engineers. They have an average salary of AU$106,817 per year.


Engineering Project Managers

The job role requires an engineer to plan and lead a project. Project Managers will interact with different departments as per the requirements. He will lead all project planning sessions, will act as a relationship manager with the clients if necessary, should be able to handle more than one project. He will also visit the site if required. The average salary of an engineering project manager is AU$147,629 per year.


Engineering Managers

This job role requires an engineer who can manage the engineering activities within a department. The engineering activities include development, design, production, testing, solving design issues, etc. He will also be responsible for the performance of his team and will be reporting to the department head. The average salary of an engineering manager is AU$131,918 per year.


These are the highest paying jobs in Australia that students and experienced civil engineers can apply for. These jobs are prestigious and also give a chance to showcase the skills.

Top 3 institutions that offer Promising Prospects for MBA Students

With the rapid advancement of technology, the business landscape is on the cusp of a quantum shift. This means that the learners of today will have to be familiar with newer trends in the industry to maintain the sustainability of their career. Now, before you can make your career in the finance sector, you need to get through a bulk of complex assignments. And if you need help with your assignments, you can ask a credible service provider to "do my assignment". Allow us to elucidate on the top 3 institutions that offer career sustainability to the learners.


  1. Columbia business school

Columbia business school offers MBA programs that create the opportunity for networking and at the same time offers career stability and agility, the moment students set foot at the institution, all thanks to the institution’s cluster system. As per this system, the first-year students are placed in "clusters" of 65 to 70 people who take all their core classes together. Columbia also boasts of some of the greatest minds in the finance among its alumni, including Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. Now, if you’re already a part of this prestigious institution and if you need help with your finance assignments, all you need to do is ask “write my assignment” to a credible academic writing service provider.


  1. Curtin Business School, Australia

This business school is based in one of the most popular cities in the world that promotes an incredible work-life balance. Curtin Business School has a stellar reputation for producing agile graduates that are goal-oriented and determined to present real-world solutions. Now, in order to become successful in your MBA course, you can look for professional writing and proofreading services to help you out.


CBS has carved a niche as an institution for international and domestic learners- particularly because the campus location helps to establish a close engagement with the business sector. With an abundance of scope to connect with the industry and to garner international exposure, you’ll set yourself up for a stable career path.


  1. Seoul National School of Business, South Korea

This institution presents a range of promising MBA programs. The first one is their Executive MBA scheme which provides employed business professionals with the opportunity to develop their skills and become more knowledgeable and competent.

The second one is their Global MBA course, which is focused on training the inexperienced individuals with globalised management skills and leadership. It also acquaints them with crucial topics like the international business and financial management.


Students may also enroll themselves in the SNU MBA Program. The course is packed with insightful modules and a practical curriculum. The purpose of this specific course is to assist the learners to find a balance between the global standard and the current management status of Korean corporations today.


If you are more than willing to pursue an MBA, make sure that you choose a course that will provide you with a sustainable career.

Does Homework Tone With Personalized Learning?

“Seeking homework help online is a technique of personalized learning.” – In justification to this statement, here you can find certain cues. But, before proceeding towards the ultimate discussion, catch a good idea on personalized learning. On the subsequent section, you can obtain a handsome idea on the process and aspects of personalized learning. In addition to it, check how a study helper emphasizes this technique.     


Personalized learning is the future of education



Personalized learning process is addressed as student-centered learning. Currently, this new educational model is a trend. The purpose of personalized learning is to make the individual learning needs the principal consideration in vital instructional and educational decisions. Here the needs of the pupils come first regardless of the learning style, cultural background and individual aspirations. The baseline of this technique portrays that each student is unique and learn best in their own way.


Does personalized learning support homework?


Homework is a controversial area where practitioners have been differing over the years. Strong evidences are there to support both the benefits and drawbacks of homework. Some disagree with the idea of inundating students with extra practices outside the school whereas others feel it as necessitate. In between argument and counter-argument concerning to homework, one idea really seems favorable. Homework itself can be a learning process if there is involvement of experts. “Who will do my homework?” – This question now has a solid and powerful answer.

Homework assignments, that mirror the individualized experience of the students receiving in personalized learning classes, appear to be beneficial. Some homework helpers are also available over the internet. These firms offer top-quality assistance to the pupils letting them gain intense knowledge on a subject-matter. Several discussion sessions with your guide happen to augment your know-how on that discipline.

On seeking help from experts, students cannot just blow off the knowledge they gain from the classes. It is perhaps the greatest shift where the students are no longer graded for completion or accuracy.  It now has the accountability of formative assessment. Through homework scores, students understand their level of mastery or they identify the sectors where they need more practice. Here the students are never been asked for completing busy work.



Ways to develop personalized homework


Here are some effective ideas on ways to develop the most effectual personalized homework for the students –

  • Take it slow: Preparation of personalized homework consumes more time than usual. Most of the tutors consult with their professional learning community in order to enhance their resource bank concerning to individualized homework.


  • Shift your perspective: If you want to actively prepare homework for students attending personalized learning classes, they you need to adopt a different perspective in all. Contrary to convention, homework is now an assessment of mastery. If the students cannot score well, then they must proceed with that curriculum for a little longer.


  • Provide regular feedbacks: Rather than grades, feedbacks count more for homework. It is essential to make the feedbacks sound consistent, personalized and specific. This actually encourages students to go back and review their work rather than digging for scores.


All the above factors prove that homework is very much compatible with personalized learning if the tutors shift their perspectives. The idea is to make homework more interesting than before by replacing grades with feedbacks. The goal of individualized homework is to enhance the student’s mastery in specific discipline.